Eco Chic Custom Homes with Nordic Architecture by Domicil

Custom homes with Nordic architecture showcased through high-end materials – wood and stone for the most part – and warm, timeless concepts. Your home will be designed and built by professionals well versed in an art that we master.

Since the geometry, location and position in relation to the sun are unique for each lot, each of our custom homes require a custom architectural design to meet your needs and budget. The models proposed are provided as examples of the trends and styles that we intend to promote.

Le Mont-Gabriel
Le Mont-Gabriel

Models, Sans-Avila, Sans-Margeride, Sans-Mont-Blanc, Sans-Morin-Heights, Sans-Saint-Sauveur

Le Vosges
Le Vosges

Models, Sans-Avila, Sans-Margeride, Sans-Mont-Blanc, Sans-Morin-Heights, Sans-Saint-Sauveur

Le Saint-Sauveur | Le Norden
Le Saint-Sauveur

Models, Sans-Avila, Sans-Margeride, Sans-Mont-Blanc, Sans-Morin-Heights, Sans-Vosges

Le Morin-Heights
Le Morin-Heights

Models, Sans-Avila, Sans-Margeride, Sans-Mont-Blanc, Sans-Saint-Sauveur, Sans-Vosges

Le Mont-Blanc
Le Mont-Blanc

Models, Sans-Avila, Sans-Margeride, Sans-Morin-Heights, Sans-Saint-Sauveur, Sans-Vosges

Le Margeride
Le Margeride

Models, Sans-Avila, Sans-Mont-Blanc, Sans-Morin-Heights, Sans-Saint-Sauveur, Sans-Vosges

Le Avila
Le Avila

Models, Sans-Margeride, Sans-Mont-Blanc, Sans-Morin-Heights, Sans-Saint-Sauveur, Sans-Vosges

Custom architectural design service.
See your dream project


2D architectural drawings

Domicil offers you a 2D architectural sketch design service, giving you an initial glimpse at your future custom home. This step helps us ensure that the project truly reflects your vision and preferences expressed during our discussions.

The 2D architectural drawings let you visualize the interior of your future property, including its total area, divisions and space layout as well as its integration with the exterior environment including topography, sunlight and the view from your lot.



3D renderings

Once the architectural designs have been approved, Domicil creates graphic 3D renderings, so you can see your property’s overall architecture in an ultra-realistic format including elevations, floor levels, and the house’s windows and inside luminosity.

Our architectural design (2D and 3D renderings) services are exclusively offered for Domicil custom homes construction projects. For more information regarding our architectural design services, please contact Pierre Laliberté at 514-754-3489.

There is more than one reason to choose the Norden. But here's why you should.

There are many reasons to choose The Norden – quality of life in the Laurentians – wide-open green spaces – or simply to be able to ski after work. Need more information?

At the heart of the mountain,
the pinnacle of housing

Nordic architecture – high-end materials combining elegance and strength – environmentally friendly design – impressive energy efficiency.

Fall in love with the region
and stay

Bliss, fresh air, outdoor sports are yours for the taking in the Saint-Sauveur Valley.

25 years of experience
and excellence

Our reputation is based on good taste, quality and the distinctive features of our endeavours.


Our wish is that you feel at home from our first contact. Designing and building a place is important. So there are no bad questions. We are at your service. Come meet us at the sales pavilion or contact us via phone or email. It will be our pleasure to discuss.

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