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Real Estate Project | Le NordenA distinctive lifestyle is the promise of Le Norden real estate project, tucked away on the West side of Sommet Saint-Sauveur. By following the mountain’s natural path, you will find a residential domain breathing with contemporary and nordic character, offering one of the most exclusive views of the Laurentians.

A private trail surrounded by parks will take you directly to Sommet Saint-Sauveur’s charlift. This exceptional 53 residential buildings project has tons of options to offer. Lots size varies between 16 000 and 87 000 square feet and municipal water and sewer services, in addition to underground electrical infrastructure, are included.

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Please note that this price list is regularly updated in order to reflect the increase in land prices.

Our vision

The vision of The Norden’s real estate project by Domicil is part of an ecological and environmental perspective. Inspired by Scandinavian architecture, the Eco Chic buildings blend perfectly into the nordic landscape, both aesthetically and functionally.

  • Nordic, contemporary and organic architecture
  • Distinctives and custom houses
  • Minimum deforestation of land
  • Trees disposition in harmony with the field’s topography
  • Rainwater sensors in parking areas
  • 6600 liters tank recuperating rainwater from the roof
  • Control pipe with pump to supply toilets and water outside.

Our water
recovery system
unique in Quebec

Ecology is one of Le Norden’s real estate project most important. For the sake of the environment, we have imagined the optimal way to recover rainwater on every lots. A project demonstrating a commitment with the Quebec Ministry of the Environment.
  • Saves 30,000 liters of water / year / house;
  • 6,600 liters tank on each lot;
  • 80% water return in the tank, for water use outside and in the toilet;
  • If water overflows the tank, it falls into a well built of rocks, designed to bring the water back to the ground (rather than to the aqueduc).

design and sidings

One of our goals is to create a feeling of prestige and homogeneity throughout Le Norden real estate project residences. To do so, it is essential to maintain a similar line of inspiration.

In addition to meeting the applicable standards of the city of Saint-Sauveur, new construction must follow the design criteria listed below:

EXTERIOR CLADDING: all walls should begin 8 inches (20.32 cm) from the floor;

MASONRY: natural stone, reconstituted concrete stone, or compatible masonry (Lafitte stone’s equivalent);

WOOD: pine (or equivalent product), Maibec (or equivalent product), KWP (or equivalent product) wood products, or cedar shingles;

CORNICES: aluminum, wood materials KWP (or equivalent product);

ROOFING: asphalt shingles or metal sheets;

DOORS AND WINDOWS: colored windows;

FIREPLACES: natural design (masonry is obligatory);

OUTDOOR RAMPS: glasses, wood and metal, or only metal;


ADDRESS: built in stone with the Norden logo.


Things we recommend, for a better sense of harmony…

  • Winding paths to integrate the surrounding topology;
  • Pavers, river stones, stone plates and asphalt. A combination of coatings is allowed;
  • Maintenance work inspired by the natural elements in place;
  • Retaining walls with material already in place (you could also use blocks of stone or common concrete blocks covered with natural stones);
  • Landscaping work highlighting natural elements and landscapes;
  • Domestic composting;
  • Inground pools and spas only, opt for a natural treatment of their integration;
  • Dark colored iron fences (or imitation) of dark color, or dark colored mesh fences. Can be mixed with cedar.


  • Exterior cladding made of a singular material (such as masonry or 100% wood);
  • Solid wood or log wood;
  • Brightly colored exterior siding (colors must be approved by the developer);
  • Stacking 0-3 / 4 ” in the aisles and facade;
  • Commercial water fountains (any decorative element must be approved by the developer);
  • Above ground pools;
  • Commercial vehicle visible in an driveway;
  • Any visible trailer, boat or snowmobile;
  • Prefabricated shed;
  • Temporary carport (or any other temporary addition);
  • PVC fence (must be approved by the developer);
  • Colored outdoor lightning (except for the holiday season, including the months of December and January);
  • Clothes line.


Too many paved surfaces (When choosing the materials, keep the space’s vegetation and natural aspect in mind as much as possible.)


  • Propane tanks
  • Mechanical equipment (air conditioner or heat pump);
  • Carry out development work within 12 months of taking possession.

There is more than one reason to choose the Norden. But here's why you should.

There are many reasons to choose The Norden – quality of life in the Laurentians – wide-open green spaces – or simply to be able to ski after work. Need more information?

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Bliss, fresh air, outdoor sports are yours for the taking in the Saint-Sauveur Valley.

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