The Saint-Sauveur Valley
is a lively destination

For the past 50 years, Montreal and Ottawa’s epicureans and outdoors lovers have been coming up to Saint-Sauveur, where they could enjoy the slopes, trails, gastronomy and the good things in life from the region. Many of them realized that instead of spending the weekend, they could simply live here. You could do just the same.


The Laurentians are probably the biggest playground an outdoor enthusiast could ask for. It is not for nothing we often call them Montreal and Ottawa’s backyard. Whether you are into skiing, rafting, biking or hiking, there is always something to do in the region. Forget about the gym. Get out and play.


The Saint-Sauveur Valley is home to a multitude of restaurants prepared to offer you unusual gourmet experiences for all tastes and any budget.

Local cuisine or French, Italian, Asian or cuisine from the Maghreb; coffee roasting houses where breakfast and the smell of freshly roasted coffee mingle, and trendy bistros open late into the night. Get your forks ready!


Cultural life isn’t left out in the Laurentians. It is quite the opposite. During the warm seasons, the town of Saint-Sauveur turns into a real outdoor concert hall and dancefloor. You will find everything from outdoor movie screening to events like the Festival des arts de Saint-Sauveur, the Autentica Fiesta Cubana, the Country Fest, as well as many art galleries and exhibitions. Culture in the middle of nature? Of course.

A life to be lived
to the fullest!

Exit rush-hour traffic, the stress of finding a parking space, pollution, the never-ending construction sites. Life in the Saint-Sauveur Valley is at your rhythm. It adapts to you! There is nothing to stop you from going to the city as often as you wish, because Montréal is only a 45-minute drive away. During rush hour, drive to Saint-Jérôme and take the train. Use the time aboard to multitask or simply relax as you travel to work.

Forget about the biases of living in the suburbs. Living on the fringes of the city does not mean being disconnected. We have great schools, satellite universities, high-end restaurants and activities for people of all ages. Above all, we have the time… the time to live to the fullest.

Explore the neighbourhood!

There is more than one reason to choose the Norden. But here's why you should.

There are many reasons to choose The Norden – quality of life in the Laurentians – wide-open green spaces – or simply to be able to ski after work. Need more information?

A unique project,
an opportunity not to be missed

Located in an exceptional site at Sommet Saint-Sauveur – total contact with nature and the natural surroundings.

At the heart of the mountain,
the pinnacle of housing

Nordic architecture – high-end materials combining elegance and strength – environmentally friendly design – impressive energy efficiency.

Fall in love with the region
and stay

Bliss, fresh air, outdoor sports are yours for the taking in the Saint-Sauveur Valley.


Our wish is that you feel at home from our first contact. Designing and building a place is important. So there are no bad questions. We are at your service. Come meet us at the sales pavilion or contact us via phone or email. It will be our pleasure to discuss.

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