Ski-in / ski-out

Norden is not your average real estate project. It is also a lifestyle choice. Quebeckers have become increasingly fervent about nature and enjoy practising sports that bring them into closer contact with nature. Quality of life matters to them and their leisure time is precious. Norden is the perfect place to strike the balance between well-being and… ski-in, ski-out!

A prime location

Norden is perched on the western slope of the illustrious Mont Saint-Sauveur. Overlooking the Saint-Sauveur valley, it offers a breathtaking view like none other, one of the most breathtaking in the Laurentians!

Located on a historic mountain where many Olympians have made their mark, the sumptuous Norden residential estate follows the mountain’s natural, winding path, preserving harmony with its surroundings. To live here is to choose a vacation every day. Living here also means enjoying nearby services, luxury and the benefits of nature.

More about the project

Outdoors enthusiasts

Fans of a peaceful yet exciting lifestyle will enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings, the vast extent of the grounds and the prestige of a home where entertaining and strolling are the order of the day. Sports enthusiasts, contemplative types and lovers of the great outdoors will be at home in their element, simply by opening their doors onto a verdant setting.

Summer and winter alike, they can make the most of every forest path and glade. Hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and other outdoor sports are all excellent options at Norden, but alpine skiing is definitely a favourite.

Ski-in / ski-out

Since the 19th century, people have come her to ski from far and wide. Numerous championships have been held on Mont Saint-Sauveur, which has never lost its appeal for the hard-core skier.

The Norden promoter wanted to enable homeowners to ski directly from their homes! This fabulous project is criss-crossed by a ski trail groomed with the same care and equipment as those deployed in other major resorts.

A private trail joins the La Plagne trail belonging to Sommet Saint-Sauveur. Illuminated in the evening, it adds hours to your skiing and enchantment all around. So you can ski to your heart’s desire!

Lucky skiers (of which you may be one) can “ski in, ski out” right from their doorstep, or almost!
Such an enchanting backyard leaves no one indifferent. Norden is truly the perfect place to combine quality of life with access to nature and renowned ski slopes!

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