Living in a semi-detached home: a sure bet!

Not sure whether to buy a semi-detached house, a single-family home, or another type of residence? Read on to learn about the advantages of a semi-detached house, especially at Le Norden, in the beautiful Saint-Sauveur Valley.

What exactly is a semi-detached house?

The definition of a semi-detached house isn’t always clear. It also goes by “twin home,” is categorized as a townhouse, and is often confused with a duplex or a two-storey house.

Let’s first agree on a description. Semi-detached houses are considered townhouses, since they share a common wall. However, a townhouse most often refers to a row house, which shares more than one wall with the adjacent house. Semi-detached homes are located side by side, rather than on top of one another, as for duplexes. A two-storey house is usually a detached house with a first floor and an upper floor.

Usually, the two semi-detached houses that form an entity are built on the same lot which belongs to both owners. Their façades are normally identical to prevent visual disparity.

What are the advantages of a semi-detached house?

Buying a semi-detached home has many advantages, especially for first-time homeowners.

The greatest advantage is often the purchase price. As a general rule, a semi-detached home is more affordable than a single-family home, particularly because it is located on a shared lot. Moreover, since it is heated in part by the adjoining home thanks to the common wall, energy costs are lower than with a detached home. This configuration also means that both houses are less exposed to the elements, which can reduce the electricity bill by 30% to 35%. It is also worth pointing out that annual taxes are lower than those for a detached house.

Since the land is divided, the portion each owner benefits from is smaller than the lot belonging to the owner of a detached house. While some would argue that this is a disadvantage, others find it to be a significant advantage. In fact, maintaining such a lot takes very little time and requires only a minimum of care. Perfect for anyone who is short on time or doesn’t exactly have a green thumb!

Living in a semi-detached house is also safer due to the low risk of break-ins and robberies. The presence of inhabitants in either house is usually a deterrent to criminals.

Is a semi-detached house the perfect balance between a single-family home and an apartment? That’s what they say! With effective soundproofing and a privacy screen in the yard, it’s a highly interesting option.

Le Norden Villas

Le Norden has understood all of these advantages and with this in mind, has taken over an area to build 78 semi-detached “Villas” bathed in light, thanks to their abundant windows. In addition to their many advantages, Le Norden Villas offer beauty, comfort, and resort life all year long!

Built at the foot of the western slope of Sommet Saint-Sauveur, these havens of peace offer their occupants ski access anytime, with ski-in/ski-out lots for the enjoyment of all! Their location will immerse owners and their guests in the delights of nature.

The purchase price of a Le Norden Villa semi-detached home includes the cost of the land, infrastructure maintenance, underground and natural gas services, as well as snow removal, ski trail grooming, and lawn mowing.

These uniquely designed, elegant homes are made of high-quality materials, are customizable, and highly energy efficient. With breathtaking mountain views and a luxurious feel, Le Norden semi-detached homes are sure to win you over!