Life in the Laurentians: a delightful paradox

In recent years, many homeowners have traded metropolitan regions for the green acres of the Laurentians. Domicil has delivered more homes than ever, where happy people are thriving. Wondering why? Here’s the answer.

Peaceful calm for active living

Those who have chosen the Laurentians as their heart’s desire have definitely wanted to take advantage of the region’s natural benefits. The hectic pace of modern life, while stimulating, leads many to want to slow down, but not to be less active!

The Laurentians are the ideal place to keep active, and to be constantly on the go exploring new horizons. At the same time, the region invites you to do so at your own pace, contemplating the surrounding natural wonders and savouring the present moment. Nature’s majesty invites you to enjoy it in both sport and relaxation mode.

Living here is exactly that: the perfect combination of activity and tranquillity.

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Inland tourism

The Laurentians attract thousands of tourists every year, who find a variety of activities to enjoy both indoors and out. Hiking, boating, water sports, skiing, tobogganing, spectacular views, gastronomy, art and other invitations to life abound.

Those who settle here feel at home and away at the same time! Their custom-built homes offer them the cosiness and comfort they need to feel at home and grounded. The environment and proximity to cities and towns, for their part, provide them with tempting daily outing opportunities.

In this way, a Laurentian resident can become an inland tourist… all year round!

Luxury and simplicity in equal measure

The vast terrain of the Laurentians exudes both simplicity and luxury. Nothing is more simple and accessible than the mountains, lakes, valleys and forests. But nature at its best is also synonymous with luxury.

Nordic spas, local gourmet stops, boutiques and art galleries all stand shoulder to shoulder, to the delight of epicureans. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, whatever their personality, and whatever their current mood!

Proximity and remoteness

Living in the Laurentians also means benefiting from a multitude of nearby services. Thanks to the presence of shops, health clinics, schools, community and government services, etc., locals don’t have to travel far to satisfy their needs.

On the other hand, far from noisy cities, they enjoy the tranquility of idyllic (but no less dynamic!) places. The best of all possible worlds!

Saint-Sauveur: the town of choice

Saint-Sauveur, part of the MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut, is a favourite with newcomers to the Laurentians. Set in a splendid valley nestled between mountains and rivers, the town is picturesque, colourful and welcoming!

Cultural and sporting activities abound throughout the four seasons. In addition, cycling and cross-country ski trails, downhill ski resorts, a water park, an aerial tree-top trail, spas, local stores and boutiques, world-flavoured restaurants, concerts and festivals keep its lucky residents content.

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